Farm Friends

Willy’s Happy Endings has always believed in equal compassion for all life. When funds and space are available, we rescue small livestock and poultry at risk of slaughter or enduring abuse and neglect. These animals generally have need of sanctuary and will live out their natural lives on our Farm Friends Sanctuary roster at the W.H.E. Farm. Some are young, healthy, and adoptable and are made available for adoption to the public. These will be specifically noted as such and listed on our petfinder page and adoptable pets album. 
It is our hope that by sharing photos and videos as well as the stories of our Farm Friends, our followers will be encouraged to practice compassion in their lifestyles for all living things, not just dogs and cats!

Ferdinand was rescued from a cattle farm where he was stuck in a downed tree for at least 3 days resulting in a dislocated front shoulder. He came to us emaciated and so weak that he could not stand. He is up and moving now and bonding with Rafi but unable to bear weight on his front leg. Ferdinand will be having shoulder reduction surgery at the University of Tennessee soon! For more information and how you can help check out his facebook album.

Our Director has a special love for turkeys. This spring, a volunteer felt so badly for the turkeys poults for sale at a local feed store that he bought all of the sick ones and brought them to Rafi to nurse back to health. She has done just that and in doing so developed a strong and remarkable bond with the peeps. You can watch them grow up on our facebook page and instagram @Willysrescue ! 

Currently, the W.H.E. Farm is home to three does. One Nigerian Dwarf, one Brush Goat/Pygmy cross, and an African Pygmy. All were rescued from different situations, but are now a bonded trio of sisters. Because it is medically impractical to spay female goats, they will remain on our sanctuary roster as beloved companions for the remainder of their natural lives.

Many are not aware that in our state of Tennessee, it is considered felony animal cruelty to slaughter and consume pot bellied pigs, but since they are classified as a domestic animal and not livestock, they are in fact protected under the same domestic animal cruelty laws as dogs and cats. Because so many are unaware of this law, most of our pigs are rescued from near slaughter.

People are usually most surprised to hear that WHE rescue chickens. So many do not know all of the love and fun that companion chickens can offer. They have incredibly advanced and dedicated family dynamics and are a wonderful &gentle species. Most of our chickens come from local cruelty seizures and owner surrenders. WHE always have roosters available for adoption to homes where they will NOT be slaughtered for food, and often hens as well. However, because of the bond they share with their families, W.H.E. will NOT separate a flock of chickens.