Sometimes seniors are too ill or simply too geriatric to be re-homed. These guys and gals find sanctuary here at the farm and live out the remainder of their lives as adored indoor pets with the best vet care, and the Love of our family.
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Introducing Herbie Hot-Shot! Herbie is a very old (15+) Teacup Yorkshire Terrier who was impounded as a stray at our local Animal Control. He appears to have suffered from Rubber Jaw, a condition brought on by malnutrition. As a result of a severe calcium deficiency and tooth loss, the body begins absorbing the calcium from the bones of the jaw. Due to this condition, Herbie now appears to have no bottom jaw at all. In reality, the skin of his lower jaw is still there, it just dangles loosely and is unusable 🙁 Because of this, Herbie is unable to eat even the softest of pate style foods and must have home prepared fresh soup made from organic chicken, chicken stock, vegetables, and nutritional supplements.

Herbie is also visually and hearing impaired and requires round the clock supervision and care. Herbie saw our vet and has been diagnosed with Giardia, treated with a round of Panacur. He also tested positive for Heartworm disease. Because of his condition and age, we will be treating with the Advantage-Multi method, as the traditional immiticide injections would be too much for his old system to handle.

Though this may sound like an insurmountable amount of obstacles, our little dude is loving being loved in his golden days. His joy shines through in his most recent photographs and he has inspired all he has met with his strength and perseverance!

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Herbert when impounded at animal control. Sad, scraggly, and filthy. He had been found as a stray and was very confused and scared!
Herbie had a photo shoot with Tina Hartman of Picture your photo today. Here he is giving us a big yawn in Rafi’s arms after his big day 🙂 One of many great photos from our photo shoot with Tina. He is in great spirits and feeling fine 🙂 Photo by Tina Hartman, Picture Your Photo Here’s Herbert! Toddling along in the grass during his big photo shoot with Tina Hartman, Picture Your Photo!
Herbert dressed up as Bert of Bert and Ernie at Clarksville’s Bark in the Park costume contest! Herbert and his Sanctuary Mum soaking up the sun in the tree swing at the farm.