Willy’s Happy Endings – Where Love Is Ageless!

Our namesake, Willy, was an absolutely INCREDIBLE 12+ year old pointer who was found in a construction site chained to a fence being brutalized by a pack of stray dogs and with SEVERE arthritis. After seeing his posts on facebook, and a little push from a friend, I decided to go adopt him. I drove to Cheatham County Animal Control (2 hours away) and brought my man home. He was your typical grumpy old dog, under socialized and painful enough that he would nip if manipulated too much. He had X-rays on day 2 which showed over a dozen bone fractures throughout his entire body that were at different stages of healing. This poor dog had suffered YEARS of literally bone shattering abuse at the hands of his former guardians. Over about a months’ time, Willy received several medications, chiropractic work, homeopathic care, and high quality holistic kibble/home cooking. Willy shocked us all by learning to TRULY LOVE. He only ever really bonded with me, but with me he was a smiling, kissing, wagging, cuddly lovebug of a furkid who was just a joy to be around. One day, while playing in the yard with his brothers and sister, he came over to where I was sitting on the ground, laid in my lap, and passed quietly in his sleep. I was so honored that he had chosen to come to me for his last moments. That a dog previously unable to connect with a human, had made such a deep connection as to share his last breath with me. I was so blessed to have had my time with him, he TRULY changed my life. Willy’s Happy Endings started as a 1-2 dog sanctuary program for super-seniors, those expected to live no more than a few months, who had been abandoned at shelters in terrible condition, suffering, and having never known love. I wanted to do something to honor Willy’s memory and saving more of those just like him seemed like just the thing to do it. We started the foster program in August 2012 and it has been a whirlwind climb to where we are today. Our rescue is now dedicated to both sanctuary AND finding loving homes for senior and special needs dogs who, in a recent survey by Petfinder of rescues and shelter groups, were determined to be the most difficult to place demographic of homeless dogs. We embrace QUALITY over QUANTITY, meaning that we do not treat conservatively in order to save more animals. When we pull a dog, we commit entirely to that animal no matter the cost financial, emotional, or otherwise. This means the BEST in veterinary care, physical therapy (including underwater treadmill, laser, MOBs) chiropractic, holistic or home cooked diet. We are so proud to be NO-KILL, until our vet tells us it is time to help a dog cross the bridge in peace, no animal will be euthanized. As you can imagine, our work is incredibly time consuming and financially draining and ALL of our staff and foster homes (including myself) are unpaid volunteers. WHE could not do ANY of this without your support! Please visit the ‘You Can Help’ tab in the menu along the top of the page for donation options, volunteer opportunities, and more information on becoming a foster family. Please share us and our adoptable dogs, as networking really does save lives! Thank you SO much for your support of our mission to save those most often left behind! As always, WHE LOVE YOU! Rafaela Johnson

Founder/Director, Willy’s Happy Endings

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